Planetarians — our people with many different interests and one common passion: the Universe. Find out more about them.

  • Weronika Śliwa, Ph.D.

    Weronika Śliwa, Ph.D.

    Head of the Planetarium. If you want to know how the Universe radiating in the X-ray looks like, you should ask her as this was the subject of her doctoral thesis in the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center in Warsaw. She is fascinated by the Universe observed on each wave length and in each radiation type.

  • Kamil Deresz, Ph.D.

    Kamil Deresz, Ph.D.

    Deputy head of the planetarium. Astronomer and enthusiast of popularising science. In the planetarium, he is responsible for interactive shows and supervises the team of planetarium hosts. He created and co-created many shows. A supporter of cooperation between planetariums and astronomic educational initiatives.

  • Mateusz Borkowicz

    Mateusz Borkowicz

    Astronomer since forever. Likes to talk about the cosmos during the planetarium shows and on the radio and TV programmes. He intends to travel around the globe. A fan of Mediterranean cuisine and sunny countries. His dream is to host a radio programme and become a voice-over. He thinks that impossible things are just the things that require more time.

  • Tomasz Drela

    Tomasz Drela

    Geologist and palaeontologist. He deals with the pelves of predatory dinosaurs. He likes rock music and travelling. In the planetarium, he hosts shows for the audience.

  • Michał Gochna

    Michał Gochna

    Creator of multimedia contentment for the planetarium shows. He supervises production of concerts, live shows and many innovative technologies performed in the planetarium. He is not afraid of challenges and doesn’t like boredom. He discovers the seas as a sailor, climbs the mountains as a climber, discovers Poland as a motorcyclist and plays in a band with Mateusz Wyszyński as a bassist. A fan of good coffee and groaner jokes.

  • Krzysztof Kowalczyk

    Krzysztof Kowalczyk

    He graduated from physics and loves astronomy. He hosts shows in the planetarium. His favourite topics are black holes and the Mars, which was the subject of his master’s thesis. He wrote a song, which tells the story of cosmology in 10 stanzas.

  • Jacek Mikulski

    Jacek Mikulski

    Loves to work with the audience. He has cooperated with an improvisational theatre for many years now, which might be why his shows are always a one-of-a-kind experience. A big fan of graphic novel culture, Middle Ages, superheroes, science-fiction, model building and RPG.

  • Helena Krauze-Wultańska

    Helena Krauze-Wultańska

    A host, who specialises in shows for a younger audience. She graduated from archaeology, and her hobbies include historical re-enactment and archery. Fascinated with Central Africa and a huge fan of travelling.

  • Mateusz Wyszyński

    Mateusz Wyszyński

    Astronomy student, a loving father of his dogs, cats and degus, and a rebelled kid of the 1990s, who most probably will never grow up and whose idol in the world of astronomy is Carl Sagan. In his free time, he practices sport, reads books, plays video games and plays in a heavy-metal band with Michał Gochna.

  • Magdalena Sobczak

    Magdalena Sobczak

    Graphic designer and animator. Works in the planetarium’s production studio on the latest film entitled “Hello Earth”. She fights with gravity, distances, planets and stars, or to put it shortly — with the whole Universe.

  • Maciej Błocki

    Maciej Błocki

    Technical support of the planetarium. He began working as stage technician in the year 2000. Believes in logic and remains interested in everything that seems incomprehensible. History and board games enthusiast. An introvert, who likes other people being around.

  • Bolesław Wolski

  • Aleksander Kalinowski

    Aleksander Kalinowski

    “Mr Planetobus”, runs the Mobile Planetarium within the framework of the Science for You programme, carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Graduate of National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw. Fan of stars and constellations. A really talkative guy with unfunny, sarcastic jokes. His hobby is conducting shows under the large dome of the planetarium. He bakes the best oatmeal biscuits in the Milky Way

  • Maria Segit

    Maria Segit

    Our host. Being a proper planetarium worker, she often has her head in the clouds. Archaeologist and culture expert fascinated with South America. Her dream is to walk the Inca Trail right up to the Machu Picchu. In her free time, she works with clay, and discovers Warsaw and its surroundings.