10 January 2019

Inna Uwarowa is currently a PhD candidate at Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), and has since 2013 been the project manager of the student satellite project “PW-Sat2”. She graduated with a master’s degree from the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering at WUT where she specialized in space systems engineering. She has been an active member of Students’ Space Association at WUT since 2006. Inna was an aviation personnel trainer and examiner for 3 years in the field of radio-communication and navigation equipment, at Aviation High School No.9 in Warsaw. In 2013 Inna became the first ESA ESERO-PL project manager at Copernicus Science Centre. Since May 2016 she has been the Business Development Manager at the Space Division of Future Processing.Since 2015 a head of jury in National CanSat Competition.