14 December 2018

The music of INTERPLAY Jazz Duo with Kamil Urbański (piano) and Jędrzej Łaciak (bass) is characterised by modern harmony, innovative form and attention to detail in instrumental consonance. It often refers to classical music and polyphony. The duo’s repertoire features their own compositions such as “5 h Non-Stop” (K. Urbański), “Black Coffin-Shaped Snuff Box” (K. Urbański), “Grandpa” (K. Urbański), “Long Distance Waltz” (J. Łaciak), “Second Moment of Sobriety” (J. Łaciak), “Papcio” (K. Urbański), as well as interpretations of jazz standards.


1. Kamil Urbański, Collage
2. Jędrzej Łaciak, Kamil Urbański, Mr. Bill Evans
3. Jędrzej Łaciak, Searching for Nothing
4. Jędrzej Łaciak, Persistence of Adversity
5. Kamil Urbański, 5 h Non-Stop
6. Kamil Urbański, Papcio

INTERPLAY Jazz Duo is a renowned and award-winning young jazz duet. Both members of the band are composers, instrumentalists and arrangers. They graduated from the Karol Szymanowski Academy of music in Katowice, where they met and founded their Interplay Jazz Duo in 2010. They have cooperated with artists such as Wanda Warska, Andrzej Jagodziński, Wojciech Karolak, Stanisław Soyka and Kwartet Wilanów. In Interplay, the musicians seek their own means of expression for harmony, improvisation and musical arrangements
• Composition of the band: Kamil Urbański – piano, Jędrzej Łaciak – bass
• Awards: 2013 – “Fryderyk” Award for Best Phonographic Debut – Jazz, 2012 – 2nd award in “Muzyczne Scyzoryki”, 2012, Świętokrzyskie Nagrody Artystyczne 2012 – 1st award at the Lotos Jazz Festival of 14. Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa, 2011 – 3rd award in the 4th Azoty Tarnów International Jazz Contest, 2011 – 2nd award in “Powiew Młodego Jazzu” of the 10th International Krokus Jazz Festiwal, 2011 – “Jupitery 2011”, award grated by the Centre of Culture in Starachowice, 2011 – Special Distinction of “Nadzieje Warszawy” Competition 2011, Tygmont 2011 – 3rd award at the 47th “Jazz nad Odrą” Festival in Wrocław, 2011 – Distinction at the 47th “Jazz nad Odrą” Festival in Wrocław


Very original concept, I’ve never heard anything like that before. It’s really impressive to hear these two musicians play together!
Maria Schneider JAZZ FORUM 4-5/2012

Only two of them but just listen to how they play together and complement each other!
Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski "Trzy Kwadranse Jazzu" 20.02.2012 r. "Trójka" Polish Radio

They play their own compositions but based on a very original concept, which you can see already in the name of the band – Interplay – meaning cooperation, synergy and harmony, all of which are the essence of jazz music. Dialogue, active listening to one another, understanding, reacting, action and reaction. (…) Their performance is great, I would even say phenomenal. (…) These two very nice and modest musicians have a truly great future ahead.
Paweł Brodowski „Puls Jazzu" 28.02.2012 r. "Dwójka" Polish Radio

Listening to their album is a big pleasure – music of Interplay, even though far from avant-garde, is fresh and intriguing. Originality (uncommon band composition, sophisticated harmony, sound and non-schematic forms of compositions) is probably the most important feature of the whole project. Their music is also characterised by uniform and smooth narration (…). The last important element is precision, (…) reflected in the manner of form planning and controlling time.
Bogdan Chmura JAZZ FORUM 7-8/2012