28 April 2017

Stars and all planets rotating around them are formed from cosmic dust, which is made of the matter being the remains of star explosions. Atoms that form our Solar System, planets and everything that can be found on them – including our bodies – all used to be star components. Therefore, it’s safe to say we are all made of stardust. Being fully aware of that, we invite you to the concert “Somos estrellas – We are stars” performed by the pianist Claudio Recabarren Madrid, a stellar musician, who specialises in playing music under the starry domes of planetariums all over the world.


Fith Dimension
Far From Orion
Mystery Ly Emerges
Tranvia Del Espacio
Arcturus Recabarren Madrid – Pianist. Organist. Composer. His vast career as a professional musician spans decades. Informed by an early education from his father Moises, a fantasist pianist during the 1950’s, his own self-teaching, and private classes from Rene Reyes, teacher at the National Conservatory of Music at University of Chile, his music has bridged continents, transversed languages, and connected people across the world.
Dedicated to his music and those who support him, he has journeyed to Asia, North America, Latin America, and Europe, performing on lakes, hills, the tops of mountains, deserts, dolmens, museums, and astronomical observatories... piano under the stars.