13 December 2019

Tomasz Mreńca’s concerts are based on complex, often overlapping violin parts, which the artist combines with the deep sounds of analogue synthesisers. He gives his performances a loose structure, which he controls with vigilance and great awareness. This is a very specific musical journey, showing an exceptionally sensitive and conscious artist and an original, efficient instrumentalist. Violin landscapes, creations full of space and atmospheric tones, broken by tension-filled improvisations.i. 

Tomasz Mreńca – an artist creating electronic-acoustic compositions on the borderline of genres, balancing between ambient and experimental music. Musically, he goes beyond the generally accepted and known divisions, preparing recorded sounds and creating a unique atmosphere based on synthetic hues of synthesisers, violins and field recordings. He is the author of two solo albums – Peak (2018) and Land (2016). He gives concerts with such artists as Baasch and Daniel Spaleniak. He also works as a composer of music for theatre performances and other unconventional projects.