Opening of exhibition “A SEPARATE REALITY” – ALEX ANDREEV, 5th November 2017

The exhibition ‘A separate reality’ was presented at the 8th edition of Russian Film Festival ‘Sputnik over Poland’ at ‘Iluzjon’ cinema in Warsaw. This time, however, we will show its newest version – enhanced with digital technology.

The paintings are inspired by the border state between reality and nightmare, truth and fiction, presence and futuristic vision, consciousness and subconsciousness and last but not least – the realistic and virtual world. Thanks to the specially developed mobile application, viewers can experience a deeper interaction with the image that is set in motion and draws us into its reality.

A mobile application called "SEPARATE REALITY" is available for download on Google Play and iTunes.

VR glasses will be provided at the opening of exhibition.

5th November 2017 at 3 p.m.
Planetarium The Heavens of Copernicus, 1st floor,
Free entry

Alexei Andreeev – a contemporary Russian artist living in St. Petersburg, his creativity is mainly based on digital technology. The author has had numerous solo exhibitions in various cities all over the world. Working on concept art for the cinema, the artist has co-operated with such directors as Georgiy Daneliya and Alan Taylor. The author's work is a significant part of various collections in Russia and abroad. The artist has created on request of major players in both entertainment and scientific worlds including Sony Pictures, New Scientist, Cirque du Soleil (Eloize).

The official website of the author:

‘The creation process has never been and will not ever be related to products of the intellect. I take it as an activity aiming to fix certain states of comprehension I experienced in my childhood, in my dreams etc. 
We all feel nostalgic about our childhood experiences, for their sharpness, purity and strength. You can give much for the opportunity to experience them again. I found my own way, allowing me to realize it.
I never discuss how this mechanism works. I am inclined neither to mysticism nor to intellectual speculations. Nevertheless, the moment when I draw, gives me this unique ability to experience that impressions with the same strength and level of realism that I actually find myself in the world that I am creating. I am the only spectator and participant of the happening.
The fact that the image is born as a result of the whole process of creativity, is only the pleasant completion (hopefully). This is the essence and motivation to do what I do.
I am very pleased when spectators find in my pictures something close to their heart, corresponding to their own experiences, but to tell you the truth, during the creative process I never think about the audience.’ – says the artist about his work.